Embrace the change


We are writing to say thanks for all your support over the past few months. Some of you visited a couple of the studios open on the weekend, even though it wasn’t an actual official event. Visitors were happy to embrace the changes and we wholeheartedly appreciate that!

Others gave us some love on social media, and a few resourceful souls found their own ways to connect with artists via websites. We have found your support and connection strengthening.

We are excited Victoria is on the move again with some of our art events, such as markets and exhibitions kicking off. It has been a strange year and Lockdown has changed us. You’ll find many of our artists now open by appointment all year round, and some have a greater web presence or have developed online shops, all due to the year we’ve endured together.

We are already planning our next event around April 10 & 11 in 2021: fingers crossed it will be a face-to-face event in the studios, but it’s probably prudent to have a plan B tucked away too.

We’ll keep in touch…