graham-duell-in-studioI love mucking about with clay, and making weird and sometimes interesting sculptural things. 

Since my retirement as an industrial designer, I have undertaken an ongoing apprenticeship in the wonderful and exasperating world of ceramics.  I generally try to make larger garden pieces which bring their own challenges, such as how big can a gooey piece of clay be before it collapses under its own weight? Or, how big can it be before I can’t lift it into the kiln? 

Most of my work is hand built and figurative (people or animals), but I also really like doing portraits.  Portraits can be quite difficult but to see a likeness and expression emerging from the clay is very rewarding.

Many of my pieces have an element of silliness, and I spend a fair bit of time chuckling to myself in the studio as pieces take shape ….it must seem quite odd if a visitor happens by.

Larger sculptural pieces can take a long time to dry sufficiently for firing, and as a generally impatient person I have had more than my fair share of disasters through firing too soon, or firing too quickly, but I am slowly learning the art of patience.

All in all, it’s a great way to spend my time.

 Graham Duell