bickhoffMy studio is located in the beautiful countryside nestled under the Strzelecki Ranges in a little country town called Darnum in West Gippsland. Inspiration is never far away. My working day in the studio usually starts with selecting which music will fit my mood, following on with an assessment of the previous sessions work: Is it saying what I need it to say for me? Is there enough depth in the work? Does it capture the essence of the landscape? From that comes a plan of action as to what processes need to happen next.

The works themselves are abstracted from nature and so divert away from true representation. They are a culmination of observing, feeling and responding to the landscape and my own sense of connection to it. Often painting from memory, specific forms are obscured and just the emotions will be what I have to work from.

I’m interested in the processes involved in forming the landscape, the passage of time and the ensuing decay, erosion and building up. My painting process is similar in a way. I build up the painting and then reduce it again, deciding what to preserve and what needs to be transitory. I usually have a few works in various stages of completion at one time, allowing for drying processes and time for me to meditate on the work itself.  It’s a journey that I never wish to end and one that is immensely satisfying.

I look forward to Open Studio day or indeed any day that I get to speak with others that have looked at my work and formed their own connection with it. There’s something immensely satisfying to have this three way connection with yourself, the audience and the work.