People often say I am very creative and that they could never do what I do. My usual reply is “of course you could but you have to want to do it.” At school when I was teaching, every child who came into the school at year 7 could draw / paint / or create… Read More

I love mucking about with clay, and making weird and sometimes interesting sculptural things.  Since my retirement as an industrial designer, I have undertaken an ongoing apprenticeship in the wonderful and exasperating world of ceramics.  I generally try to make larger garden pieces which bring their own challenges, such as how big can a gooey… Read More

Jessie’s sculpture studio is crammed with her figurative sculptures. She works in ceramic, plaster, concrete and metal and also teaches sculpture classes in this studio. I sculpt because I love it. I love the feeling of the clay. I love the process, and it is a long process. I make many small works. sometimes I… Read More

Wander around the sculpture garden. Find the shed near the piles of rusty metal! Look for the fence with the dragons, fairies and FJ Holden (and the artist leaning on the letterbox). … Read More

Come and watch Sue throw a pot on the wheel, talk about her work and explain how her wood fired kiln works. There will be displays of her sculptural work and unique tableware for sale.
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