Wendy Hitchins demonstrating glass bead making in her Drouin studioI love making glass beads and melting glass. And, right now, I’m feeling inspired with lots and lots of ideas floating in my head.  I dream about making beads and jewellery.  I know it sounds silly but that’s when ideas form for me.  The other night I was wondering how different colours would work together and I was totally amazed at the result.  Who would think starting out with light pink and adding a reactive glass would make it turn into yellow and browns.  An ‘ah ha’ moment for sure because usually you can’t change the colour of the glass, you can only enhance it.  I really like making different, one-of-a-kind beads.  Watching the glass melt is transfixing and I feel calm and centred when I’m making beads.

I’m self-taught and now experimenting with fusing glass. It really helps to understand how glass moves when it’s molten but I’m still learning about the little ways of my kiln and putting my pieces together.  Still, it’s always fantastic to open the kiln the next day and see how everything turned out.  And you never waste the glass – just use it again in something else or break it and start again.

And, not to be satisfied with just making beads, I’ve also been playing with mixing resin to create pieces.  A friend gave me a heap of thin copper sheet.  It’s too thin to use on its own so I started cutting it and forming it. When it wouldn’t form the way I wanted, I smashed it and voila!  This was what I was looking for.  So, I added some images from magazines and a piece of fused glass and coated both sides in resin.  A new art form is born!  It’s definitely funky and out there and totally different from the glass jewellery I make but it’s cool and I like it.