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Trevor Trigg

Trevor Trigg

   821 East West Road, Bona Vista

Photographer. Lauren Murphy, 2023


IN ART, everything that is used to fabricate, fashion, festoon, colour, characterise, clearcoat— and—all other things comes from the earth. Often there is a tertiary process that converts the molecules to usable and useful products. The conversion is facilitated by animals (humans are one of such). Consider……feathers, leather, steel, bronze, petrol, glaze …. etc. An (almost) endless list. Nature produces all the raw materials and often, humankind converts those materials into other materials that broaden the scope and palette for artefacts and art. Stone, mineral pigments, timber and fibrous strands were the first “traditional” materials.

As technologies evolved clay, fibres, and molten metals became the new “traditional” materials. Now, paint and other colour technologies allow artists greater freedom. As does oxy-acetylene for the sculptor of metals.

Chemical conversions have produced high-performance materials for aerospace and marine applications. Similar technologies have produced the materials that are used in the MASKS. Minerals, pigments, pulverised copper, resins and surface coatings; the new “traditional” materials that afford freedom of expression.“ . . .



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