Meet Our Makers


Don Barrett

  Don Barrett 290 North Yannathan Road Modella, 3816 5629 4115 0438 415 060       Most of my sculpture is contemporary abstract, comprising shape, form, colour and texture; but sometimes during the creative process figurative shapes appear. I work intuitively, allowing the work itself to dictate the final outcome.   … Read More

Laurel Foenander

  Laurel Foenander   12 Bennett Street, Longwarry 3816   5629 9665    0438 399 664 A professional artist known mainly for wildlife and flower paintings, her colours have overflowed to include landscapes, still life, abstracts and even furniture and garden pieces.… Read More

Helen Timbury

  Helen Timbury 37 Albert Road,Drouin 3818  5625 1999 0408527943   Paper excites me. A little piece of paper that holds an image is something special. You can feel the texture of the paper in your hand — sometimes velvety,  or smooth and transparent — it’s fragile and yet permanent. The way an image sits… Read More

Wendy Hitchins

  Wendy Hitchins 5 Canterbury Close, Drouin 3818 5625 5349, 0407 710 180       Handmade glass beads and jewellery. See glass beadmaking demonstrations. Unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.  … Read More

Val Connelly

  Val Connelly 515 Old Sale Road, Drouin West 3818 0428 252 916     Val has won several awards for her bold and vibrant pastels shaping her vision of nature. Inspiration may come from a breaking wave, a striking bloom or the curve of a hillside. 1km on left from Fire station.… Read More

Gary Miles

  Gary Miles Bradley Hall Fine Art Gallery 12 Old Telegraph Road West, Drouin West 3818 5626 8355 0407 443 606       Gary has recently returned from painting Jugiong in Central NSW and is preparing work for exhibition. The paintings are a dance of line, marks and colour. Not traditional, not abstract.… Read More

Sue Acheson

  Sue Acheson Tarago Pottery 143 Old Telegraph Road West, Rokeby 3818 0407 805 278     Sue’s airy studio surrounded by bush holds her ceramics, paintings and wood carving, with sheds outside for the dirtier work! The exploration of techniques created for tableware are utilised for sculpture and expression of social, cultural and… Read More

Phil Henshall

  Phil Henshall 1116 Main Neerim Rd, Rokeby 3821 0418 318 187     Your perspective on the world may become a little distorted or heightened after visiting Phil’s studio    … Read More

Laurie Collins

  Laurie Collins 420 Main Jindivick Rd, Jindivick 3818 5628 5224     Wander around the sculpture garden and visit Laurie’s Red Tree Gallery. Find the shed near the piles of rusty metal! Look for the fence with the dragons, fairies and FJ Holden (and the artist leaning on the letterbox).… Read More

Kay Lancashire

  Kay Lancashire 7 Addison Street, Neerim South 3831 0419 507 594     Kay’s work is contemporary in nature. Discover the textures and 3D sculptural qualities that can be wrought with beads, wire and metal. Many things inspire her work:- history, texture, nature, music, folklore.… Read More

Judy Mackintosh

  Judy Mackintosh 1525 Neerim East Road, Neerim 3831 0418 134 615       Local farmer, animal & bird lover, and passionate artist, Judy offers pet portraits in oils on canvas. Judy’s gallery and studio, once part of the old dairy, features portraits, landscapes and still life paintings.… Read More

Kerrie Warren

  Kerrie Warren Kerrie Warren Art Pilgrim Creek Road, Crossover 3821 0411 480 384   Through intuitively based artworks that include Large-Scale Abstract Paintings, Stoneware Ceramics & Installation, ‘life’ and ‘nature’ are poetically explored…… Read More

Judi Money

  Judi Money Kerrie Warren Art 381 Pilgrim Creek Road , Crossover 3821 0427 274 501       The clay inspires me to ‘go within’ and I discover more about who I am and how I feel. Thoughts take flight as I build, carve and sculpt the raw materials.    … Read More

Jessie McLennan

  Jessie McLennan 64 Platts Road, Buln Buln 3821 0401073049 Instagram: @jessie.mclennan     Jessie’s sculpture studio is crammed with her figurative sculptures. She works in ceramic, plaster, concrete and metal and also teaches sculpture classes in the studio.  I sculpt because I love it. I love the feeling of the clay. I love… Read More

Russell Lilford

  Russell Lilford 18 Montgomery Street, Warragul 3820 5622 0730 0432 043 856     My work moves through personal mythological experiences. I use painting and printmaking to realise an ongoing discourse with humans, culture and environment to examine the situation of our existence.  … Read More

Anita George

  Anita George Pen On Parchment Calligraphy 26 Church Street, Warragul 3820 0437 562 215         With calligraphy as the starting point, you will find many different mediums in Anita’s studio. Small lettering designs, large abstract art on paper, canvas or wood, garden sculptures, small ceramics and umbrellas.… Read More

Wendy Twyerould

  Wendy Twyerould 162 Bowen Street, Warragul 3820 0408 365 848       I am moved and motivated by all aspects of nature and endeavour to recreate nature as near as possible in all my works with love and passion.… Read More

Lynne Bickhoff

  Lynne Bickhoff Lynne Bickhoff Gallery & Studio 58 Gaul Ave, Darnum 3822 0411 312 362         Lynne works intuitively and forms a visual commentary on her own environment and to our unique landscape. Working in mixed media predominantly, a love for painting keeps her constantly inspired.… Read More

Yvette Stubbs

  Yvette Stubbs 501 Darnum-Allambee Road, Cloverlea 3822 0447 640 038         Yvette is an exciting multi media artist, her works are vibrant, unique and quirky. Visit her studio in a century-old school building and say hello.  … Read More

Graeme Myrteza

  Graeme Myrteza 424 Trafalgar South Road, Thorpdale 3835 5634 6387 0414 346 456     Graeme, a farmer from Gippsland, paints only in oils and mainly paints around the Gippsland area capturing early morn and late evening light. Getting there: best route via Cooks Road.… Read More