Gary has recently returned from painting Jugiong in Central NSW and is preparing work for exhibition. The paintings are a dance of line, marks and colour. Not traditional, not abstract.   …works are landscape based, to gain a knowledge of a living-working-existing-surviving land. The thrill of observing beauty, wild weather patterns, changing surfaces and… Read More

JUDI MONEY, CERAMICS & SCULPTURE   The clay inspires me to ‘go within’ and I discover more about who I am and how I feel.  Thoughts take flight as I build, carve and sculpt the raw materials.   “As a child I moved all the time, never staying in one place for very long.… Read More

Phil Henshall Phil continues to explore  ASPECTIVISM™ at his new studio, after reluctantly departing Icy Creek.  … Read More

Helen Timbury  37 Albert Road, Drouin 3818   5625 1999  0408527943   Paper excites me. A little piece of paper that holds an image is something special. You can feel the texture of the paper in your hand — sometimes velvety,  or smooth and transparent — it’s fragile and yet permanent. The way an image sits upon… Read More

Graeme, a farmer from Gippsland, paints only in oils and mainly paints around the Gippsland area capturing early morn and late evening light.
Getting there: best route via Cooks Road.
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Lynne’s work is contemporary in nature and favours an interpretative view of her subject. Her artwork aims to form a connection with the audience by attempting to provide visual commentary on our unique landscape. … Read More

A practising calligrapher also working with abstract lettering art, traditional calligraphy and vibrant free-form pieces.… Read More

My work moves through personal mythological experiences. I use painting and printmaking to realise an ongoing discourse with humans, culture and environment to examine the situation of our existence.… Read More

Handmade glass beads and jewellery. Watch live glass beadmaking demonstrations. Unique, artisan made necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more… Read More

Local farmer, animal & bird lover, and passionate artist, Judy offers pet portraits in oils on canvas. Judy’s gallery and studio, once part of the old dairy, features portraits, landscapes and still life paintings. … Read More

Wander around the sculpture garden. Find the shed near the piles of rusty metal! Look for the fence with the dragons, fairies and FJ Holden (and the artist leaning on the letterbox). … Read More

Come and watch Sue throw a pot on the wheel, talk about her work and explain how her wood fired kiln works. There will be displays of her sculptural work and unique tableware for sale.
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Abstract Expressionist Painter & Ceramic Artist with international representation, Kerrie works professionally from her country studio and creates large scale paintings for corporate and private collections.… Read More